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$2.00 per lb.
     Organic Cleaning          Available Upon       Request

Quality of work and accommodating service are what HILL CLEANERS is about. However, behind that, always, is a business run with integrity and honesty. Fairness to our patrons and community is what drives our work, attitude and pricing. Professional drycleaning, pressing, laundry service and expert tailoring are what we offer, for your convenience. Free residential pick-up and delivery is available and corporate accounts are always welcome.

Tailoring at HILL CLEANERS is unmatched. With over 40 years of experience, our tailor is professionally trained to perform the simplest hem and the most extensive gown and suit alteration imaginable. Come consult anytime for your tailoring needs and questions.
HILL CLEANERS specializes in Wedding Gowns. Commemorate your unforgettable day by having your Wedding Gown expertly cleaned and preserved in a beautiful display box. Preservation will ensure that your Wedding Gown will  remain intact and not yellow over time, so that you will always have a memento of your happiest moment.
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